Exploring Algonquin


Ontario’s oldest provincial park boasts 7,653 square km of pure magic that has attracted campers, researchers and artists alike for over 120 years.  Throughout its history park staff and local organizations have fine-tuned a variety of ways for visitors to make the most of their time both in the park and in surrounding areas in any season you visit.  

If you’re planning to come up between mid-May and the end of October, you’ll find a number of activities and resources in our Algonquin in Summer sub-tab that will make the time you spend in our region unforgettable.  If you’re coming up between December and late April, our Algonquin in Winter sub-tab will take you through some fantastic options for snow-related activities.  If you’re coming up in the shoulder months – November, early December, and mid-April to mid-May – weather patterns are a bit harder to predict and could fit into either category.  Get in touch with us directly before you travel and we’ll tell you what’s on the ground.