On this page you can read up on the different styles of accommodation we have.  Follow the link on your preferred style to see a detailed description of each room, or go straight to our Reserve your Stay online booking page.  If you’d like to come up on a weekend and are pretty flexible on your dates, you may wish to check out our Weekend Availability page first.

Our private hostel accommodation includes log cabins, bunkhouses (private quarters in small, multi-user lodges with a private, outdoor entrance), and bedrooms in the main lodge.   Guests staying in this type of accommodation enjoy the privacy of their own sleeping quarters but share bathroom, kitchen, and lounge facilities with others staying at the hostel.  While our main lodge rooms and bunkhouses are open year-round, the log cabins in this category (the Deer cabin, the Beaver cabin, and Ben’s cabin) are closed from the end of October to May 1st.

Our dorms are excellent for solo travellers, backpackers, folks on a tight budget, or for groups of 6-8 people.  These are large post-and-beam rooms with high ceilings, each hosting up to 8 people in single beds.  Normally these dorms are shared with other guests but you are welcome to book the entire room for your group if you prefer.  Guests staying in the backpackers’ dorms share bathroom, kitchen, and lounge facilities with others staying at the hostel.

Our independent eco-cabins were opened in January, 2015.  Guests staying in these cabins enjoy total privacy, as each offers its own kitchen, bathroom, living room, deck, barbecue and wood stove.  Each cabin has been built with a keen respect for the environment, using local, sustainably harvested woods, reclaimed materials, non-toxic paints and stains, and high quality insulating techniques and other energy-conserving practices.  They are open year-round. We are absolutely delighted with how they turned out, and we’re sure you will love them!

Take a look at the sub-tabs under the Accommodation heading for more details on our accommodation types and to make your booking online. If you would prefer to talk to a real live person about your stay with us we’d be delighted to hear from you.  Feel free to email or call us: contact us at (+1) 705-635-9336 or See you soon!