What To Bring

  • Your own food.  We recommend shopping in a larger town since there is not much selection in our area.  For those of you travelling from Toronto, you might want to stop in at the Independent Supermarket, located on the right just after you turn onto Highway 60 from Highway 11.
  • In our continuing effort to minimize our impact on the environment we don’t provide cling-film or aluminium foil in our kitchens.  Please bring these if you know you’ll need them.  We often have some Tupperware containers you can borrow for lunch items in the park.
  • Your own toiletries.  We particularly recommend bringing scent-free soaps and shampoos in the spring and summer to avoid attracting mosquitoes.
  • Good sturdy footwear for hiking
  • Slippers for the main lodge
  • A desire to connect with nature, not your Ipad!  We have no WIFI at the Wolf Den
  • If you’d like to pick up wine or beer before making your way to us your nearest opportunities are at our local Dwight LCBO, the Beer Store in Huntsville, or the Huntsville LCBO.  Please check online for their opening hours if you’re planning on arriving in the evening.
  • For those of you staying in a cabin or bunkhouse, a headlamp or flashlight (or even a flashlight function on your cell phone) is advisable to get back and forth from the main lodge at night.

What Not To Bring

  • You do not need to bring tea or coffee (these are on the house in the morning) but bring cream or milk if you normally use that.  We also provide salt and pepper.
  • Please do not bring bottled water since we have beautiful UV filtered water here.
  • Please do not bring disposable plates, cutlery etc. as the kitchen is fully stocked with these items.
  • No need to bring towels, bed linens, pillows and blankets as we provide these.