About The Wolf Den

The Wolf Den Nature Retreat is a beautiful log cabin lodge situated on the Oxtongue River in the Algonquin Highlands, in the community of Oxtongue Lake, on the traditional lands of the Algonquin First Nation. We are located just 9km outside the West Gate of Ontario’s world famous Algonquin Park.

Each year we welcome hikers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts of all experience levels who also want to enjoy spending time meeting other people from around the globe. Our guests come to revel in Algonquin’s beauty and foster their personal connection with nature, and this is the atmosphere we strive to offer. We are not a place for partying, loud music, late nights, or drunkenness.

Our Mission

To provide affordable accommodation that promotes both community and a connection with nature.

Meet Your Hosts

Jaques Dailloux

Jen Dailloux

Bridgid Young

Tom Dailloux

The Dream

About ten years ago, researcher Richard Louv coined the term, “the Nature Deficit” to describe humankind’s growing disconnection from the natural world. This disconnect, he argues, produces a negative impact on the well-being of both the earth and us as individuals and societies. At the Wolf Den we strive to play our little part in diminishing this deficit by enabling people and nature to come back together – one person, one family at a time. Our hope is that in restoring these essential connections people can improve their own life balance and make better decisions regarding their impact on the planet.

We do this by creating a peaceful, “unplugged” (no WIFI) space for guests to spend time in the forest, river, lake, or wetland and return to our lodge to relax, prepare their meals, swap stories with an eclectic crowd of both domestic and international guests, and to rest for the adventures of tomorrow. We also offer some high quality nature programming.

Beavers, bears, wolves, moose, deer, and otters are just some of the subjects highlighted in the “stories of the day” told by excited guests returning to lodge, as are canoe, hike, ski, snowshoe, dogsled, bike and horseback adventures. The Algonquin region is home to many spectacular trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, ferns, low plants, lichen and fungi. Birders can visit the region in all seasons and are particularly excited in winter when they have sightings and interactions with some boreal specialists such as the grey jay, spruce grouse, and winter finches. Experiencing these marvels – whether you’re an expert or a nature novice – is what we believe can restore a sense of personal connection to our earth.

Thank you so much for visiting us, and enjoy your stay,

Jen and Jacques

Explore The Surroundings

There are fabulous outdoor adventures to enjoy in and around Algonquin Park in all seasons. If you are coming between late April and late October, please make use of the Algonquin in Summer Planning Guide on our website. If you’re headed up between late December and early April, you will find our Algonquin in Winter Planning Guide to be very helpful. Please note that for some activities, advance reservations are required, so do take a look at these guides before you come up. If you are coming up in the months of April, November or December, it is quite hard to predict what the weather will be like, so get in touch with us closer to your arrival date and we will be happy to give you some guidance based on what conditions are like.